We go crazy for new travel tales. We're suckers for a good story. If you want to join us to share yours, come along on our next trip or escape in spirit, if not in body to Rio, Romania or Ramsgate on a Wednesday evening, talk to us at nofixedabodeclub@gmail.com

It works like this
We meet every month in London, and bring inspiration from our travels. At each event, one of us presents a place or journey that is important to us. Others share ideas about unusual and interesting places they've discovered and the projects they've made as a result.

Each time it's different: to capture the places we've been you might find sketchbooks, photographs, souvenirs, writing, lyrics or simple storytelling. It's a new take on the old-school holiday slide show – a space to test ideas of how to communicate the spirit of a place,
or to get inspired for wherever you might head next. 

And sometimes this
Sometimes we feel the need to get our more. So every third month we'll go on a day trip together. We're from all over the world and don't know so much about England,
so if you've got a place you think is worth wandering, tell us!

Talk to us at nofixedabodeclub@gmail.com
– To join an event, or talk about a place you've been and how it's inspired
– Suggest a location in London to host an event (we like to change it up)
– have a recommendation for a place you think we've just got to see