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Bon voyage!



Come find us 1

Bon voyage!



We go crazy for new travel tales. We're suckers for a good story. If you want to join us to share yours, come along on our next trip or escape in spirit, if not in body to Rio, Romania or Ramsgate on a Wednesday evening, talk to us at

It works like this
We meet every month in London, and bring inspiration from our travels. At each event, one of us presents a place or journey that is important to us. Others share ideas about unusual and interesting places they've discovered and the projects they've made as a result.

Each time it's different: to capture the places we've been you might find sketchbooks, photographs, souvenirs, writing, lyrics or simple storytelling. It's a new take on the old-school holiday slide show – a space to test ideas of how to communicate the spirit of a place,
or to get inspired for wherever you might head next. 

And sometimes this
Sometimes we feel the need to get our more. So every third month we'll go on a day trip together. We're from all over the world and don't know so much about England,
so if you've got a place you think is worth wandering, tell us!

Talk to us at
– To join an event, or talk about a place you've been and how it's inspired
– Suggest a location in London to host an event (we like to change it up)
– have a recommendation for a place you think we've just got to see


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Next up...


Next up...



To the Streets | The Edgeware Road

We’re heading to The Edgeware Road to explore this unique boulevard, and talk street-life in general. From the fragments of a street captured in Flaneur magazine, to this road's brilliant mash-up of the Middle East and England, we’ll look at how streets can be much more than a thoroughfare. Bring something to represent a road or a route that's inspired you anywhere in the world (image, object, song, idea, you name it) and join us to capture what we find along our walk. We’ll stop in for drinks and food along our way… 

Wednesday 5th October 2016
Outside Edgeware Rd District & Circle Line Tube Station

rsvp to


JULY 2016

Love Europe

A celebration of what what we love about Europe and the inspiration we've found there. We'll meet at Wilton's, the oldest grand music hall in the world with a brilliant bar. It's an English East End gem in an area that has always influenced by migrants from all over the world. And a suitably theatrical place to talk through the drama that's unfolding...

JUNE 2016
Maunsell Forts with Max Leonard and crew
A boat ride to the Maunsell Forts with the creators of Bunker Research, a photo book and essay on exploring WW2 Bunkers in the Alps

MAY 2016
Slideshow session for those with Stage Fright

We think of these as old-school travel slide sessions, but on a more informal tip for those of us with stage fright. So rather than slides, bring 3 x prompts to tell a story about a place that has recently inspired you (photo, sketch, keepsake, exotic disease) and any projects you’re dreaming up related to places, however experimental. 

People keep asking us for tips on places they’re about to travel to so we’re going to keep these sessions going every two months, on the first Monday of the month (note those diaries). That way we open it up to the No Fixed Abode Community in and keep it sociable! 

Monday May 9th
India Club
Hotel Strand Continental
143 Strand

The Urban Explorer with Kim Goes
A journey to explore, discover, observe and document

Introducing ten triggers that encourage us to see our cities in a new light, the Urban Explorer Project will collectively document our psycho-geographic journeys. The philosophy behind it is captured in a beautiful book, and first up, the project will be on show at LCC from December 7th to December 12th. Then we’re on the road on Sunday December 13th to take the ten triggers for a walk.

Join us to seek out the sounds, images and colours of our surroundings, turning urban monotony (yep, Hackney Wick) into a sensory playground. This is one for the curious and the drifters to explore, discover and capture London through different eyes. After a swift wander we’ll bring it all back together to the Alfred Le Roy and see what we’ve gathered. 

The Alfred Le Roy
Hackney Wick


We had heard good things from trusted sources about Monument, an immersive audio performance in public space, centred around Trafalgar Square. It works through an app called Wiretapper, the audio is meant to be mind-blowing,
and the whole adventure more than surreal. To find out more

Porto Travelogue Summer School

MAY 2015
Walk the Line

We bumped into a few good No Fixed Abode people at Heretic printmakers' talk, and devised an impromptu plan to visit a new project that Heretic have been part of: The Line a contemporary art walk that has just launched along the River Lea. Here's a swift excerpt from The Line that got us all curious:

"You discover who you are when you journey. So travel the Greenwich Meridian with us and along the path of those before you. We've inscribed the land with totems. Works of art that act as a marker to where we are. See the layers of East London. The very old song of its waters. The towering of its ambition. The democracy of a single sky. People have been journeying for millennia. Feet in ancient times finding paths through a changing landscape to tell or untell a story. Works of art singing us along. Pack your thoughtfulness. Walk The Line."

APRIL 2015
We were on the road: dropping strangers off in the depths of midnight on Irish country crossroads, and drinking and drawing our way through Dublin

MARCH 2015
The Sea

This month, we're broadening our horizons to cover the one place we're all fascinated by: The Sea. Seaward possibly the most inspiring sea-themed radio show on the (air) waves, will be leading the evening and recording their show at the legendary Arthur Beale, the 400-year-old yacht chandler and outfitter to some of history's most epic expeditions. 

As we're hosting it in the shop, places are limited, so do email us at
We'll update the site soon with details, but in the meantime put the date in the diary: this one's going to be special.

Arthur Beale
194 Shaftesbury Avenue

Around the World in 80 minutes

A departure from the normal No Fixed Abode, speed travelling (we hate to say it, but like speed dating for places) to swap tips, talk through ideas you're working on, or just about where you've been and what inspired. 

To Dungeness

A trip is in order. This stretch of English coast is not everyone's idea of paradise, but it does have its otherworldly charms. Nuclear power; pygmy footman moths; sound mirrors; Derek Jarman's garden. It's not often you mention this motley crew of landmarks in the same sentence, and that's why we're going.

Kirsten Abildgaard, on the Falklands

Penguins, war and sleeping sailors. Meet the brilliant Kirsten Abildgaard, who convinced the Royal Navy to give her a role as a peace artist, and spent 10 days with them in the far-away Falkland Islands. Here's a teaser of life in the Falklands...

Everyone, on a little bit of everywhere

Chatting up serendipity in New Orleans, exploring the mountains of Romania, drawing in Copenhagen. An adventure can come in many shapes and sizes and this month we open the floor to all of you to share tales and creations from your travels.

Anthony Gerace, on Box Elder County

Sometimes the road leads to nowhere. Hear photographer Anthony Gerace's epic and at times comic account of his transcontinental road trip to survey of Box Elder, Utah. Surely the place that's home to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, the largest migratory bird refuge in the world, and a pivotal point in the history US railway must have something special about it, right? Sure, a total sense of abandonment...