You'll most likely find Pedro, Ana and Bruno cooking up a storm at Pedro Limão at
If you want to know what happened to Lin Yee's tripe delve into her posts on thisismold
And if you want to taste Malka's famous cheescake rather than just read about it, head to The Good Egg in London

Bulhão Market is a good place for almost everything. It's falling apart, which is what makes it interesting, 
but it's also set to be refurbished so will temporarily move, rumour has it to Porto's very own 'Guggenheim' car park.
Opposite have breakfast at Confeitaria do Bulhão and you'll start the day happy

Take home fruit, flower and vegetable seeds to sew in beautiful packets from Casa Hortícula on the corner
bought from the humble António Moreira da Silva who has worked there for 65 years.
Don't get excited by your find, everyone else got there first.

Padaria Ribeira will serve you top quality bread, salgados and all manner of sweet treats
Carnes Silmor is a haven for fresh meat
Salsicheria Leandro in Bulhão does a mean line in smoked sausages
Check out the neon on both

Thanks to Ana Carvalho, Bruno Senra and Pedro Limão for the inspiration, organisation, cooking and generosity
Estou tão feliz que voçes caíram na minha sopa!
And to the whole Travelogue Summer School crew for their good vibes, 
stimulating conversation and the fine book we all made together

Photography © Rosanna Vitiello, Lin Yee Yuan, Casey Winkleman, Kate Brangan, Myrna D'Ambrosio