Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are

We ate Porto up. Devouring every corner of the city, savouring every story we encountered. Four days into our discoveries, the summer school gathered around a celebration of food. Based on the notion that cooking and eating can be one of the most profound and intimate experiences you can have with a place, we tucked into Porto.

The vocabulary of eating and exploring and intertwined: when we’re curious, we say we’re hungry to know more; if we’re keen, we say we have an appetite for knowledge. Interesting ideas emerge from mixing the two worlds and to discover this city we borrowed from both: Can you taste a landscape? Can you savour the identity of a place?

“People love to eat context,”said Bruno, who together with Ana, helped us to create a feast. He turned mere grocery shopping into a grand tour of the city’s food shops, markets and its character. As we crossed each ingredient off our list, a new tale was exchanged. What follows are notes captured from these conversations: a dinner deconstructed to digest the identity of Oporto.