Travelogue Summer School is pleased to announce that applications are now open for our first summer programme taking place on August 3–8, 2015 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto (PT).

Travelogue Summer School is a one-week forum for debate and collaborative practice dedicated to professionals and students in the fields of design, architecture, arts and related disciplines.

Through a psychogeographic deconstruction of the urban environment, Travelogue Summer School aims to investigate the city through a type of ‘fieldwork’ comprised of a stimulating programme of guided tours, talks and workshops run by multidisciplinary practitioners. Based upon these experiences, the summer school will culminate in a publication where participants will collaborate on a unique guidebook about the city. The goal of the guidebook will be to envision an account of Porto that serves as an alternative to the official national narratives and eulogising language so often found in travel literature in order to reimagine the urban arena as a space to question social and political relations.

We encourage applications from Portuguese and international applicants who are fascinated by the exploration of urban space, share a genuine desire to work collaboratively and are interested in advancing their work in a unique context.

Talks and Workshops by: EuropaDK-CMBrave New AlpsMário Moura,The Worst ToursAnna BestIsabel CarvalhoProject Paper and Ricardo Melo.

To apply, please visit
Application deadline: 29 May 2015.

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Travelogue Summer School is a project by Ana ScheferMárcia Novaisand Teo Furtado, in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Kindly supported by University of Porto, Câmara Municipal do Porto, and the MA in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects.