After years of thinking this place was mere myth, we chanced across the India Club. Hidden above the Strand, this legendary bar was originally a meeting place for civil servants working for the Indian High Commission across the road. It's a time-warp with a price list that hasn't changed in years and made for a fine spot for No Fixed Abode to meet up.

From India we went to Iceland to hear of Eva's encounters with boarding school ghosts and James' experience of 'curtains of colour', the Northern Lights; To Cambodia with Cristina to study floating bamboo architecture; To Lebanon with Nastasia who thrilled us with true-life horror stories set in dangerous caves; to Rio with Daniel and his riot of colour sketches of Roçinha, for an exhibition working with kids in the favela. And to Naples to talk camorra and creativity with Virna and Rosanna. 


Until next time folks!